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The Cottage Company pioneers sustainable communities where homes are more than houses, and neighborhoods are more than zip codes.

Come see why our walkable & connected pocket neighborhoods of compact new homes are more than just a place to live. Feel the difference.

Backyard Cottages - We love Backyard Cottages!  See how we can help create a Backyard Cottage for your very own!   The City of Seattle and other cities have adopted 'Backyard Cottage' ordinances also known as 'Detached accessory dwelling units'. We can help evaluate and build a backyard cottage at your home.

Homes for Sale

Conover Commons Homes 'SOLD! Avalon Cottage at Conover Commons'


Conover Commons Cottages 'Dreaming of a cottage home at Conover Commons? '

Charming 2 bedroom, 1-3/4 bath cottage home at award-winning Conover Commons Cottages! Call 206-852-3755 NOW PENDING