Linda Pruitt
Owner, The Cottage Company

Linda Pruitt, Co-founder of the Cottage Company, has had a lengthy career in consumer product development, and marketing that spans more than 20 years with national firms including Federated Department Stores,, and Anderson Consulting. Born to a Central Illinois farm family, Linda's no stranger to a construction site, playing an active role through all steps of new community design, development and construction. Linda contributes her expertise with city planning and community leadership groups as a resource for new 'missing middle' housing choices, green building, and sustainable development. Linda was awarded a B.S. in Business Administration from International University  a M.B.A. from the University of Washington Foster School of Business.


Linda Pruitt

"Our intimate clusters of homes create the opportunity for connection not available in most new communities. We remove barriers that bring anonymity, with the overall intent to create places that nourish the individual, support human relationships and foster a strong sense of community."

- Linda Pruitt
Owner, the Cottage Company