The big picture behind our
compact homes

Our work is much more than just acquiring property, building and selling houses. The big picture, as we see it, takes into account the decisions people make in how they wish to live their lives. These decisions include the character of each home and the care that’s gone into them, living with a more sustainable ethic, awareness of beauty and commitment to community. Our approach includes a concern about the planet, our families and communities and fosters a genuine connection that goes from the city to the dining room table. The key to our success is thoughtful land use, creative site planning, and great architectural design. The result: successful and sustainable pocket neighborhoods in established, close-in communities.

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"Our mission is to continue to pioneer single-family housing choices that fit seamlessly into larger neighborhoods. Intrinsic within that mission is connecting with people and environment in a simple, life-sustaining way. Our over-riding approach is to create beautiful, serene places where people want to spend their lives."
- Linda Pruitt, President, The Cottage Company