Nancy & George: A new home for a
new beginning

Conover Commons Cottages

When Nancy, age 61, and George, 68, married in 2004, finding a home to reflect their new beginning was a priority. "We were both retired and wanted to find a someplace special where we enjoyed spending lots of time together," says Nancy. "I had lived on a wooded lot with a view of the Puget Sound for thirty years, so the surrounding environment was as important to me as the living space."

The newlyweds spent about a year looking at condos in the Seattle area, with the idea that they wanted about 1,000 square feet that felt roomy and luxurious yet simple. "It was a frustrating experience," recalls Nancy. "We found some places that had very nice interiors, but the window views were telephone wires and cars. I wanted to feel like the inside space connected with the outdoors. I didn't realize that was so difficult to find."

George and Nancy finally found a condo near Gasworks Park on Seattle's Lake Union that they decided was "good enough." They were tired of looking, even though they hadn't found a perfect fit. "We were set on the condo, but we were in the neighborhood of the Conover Commons Cottages in Redmond, Washington so we decided to stop in and look at a house for sale there," says George. "From the moment we walked up the main sidewalk with beautiful craftsman homes and lush gardens on either side, we knew this was the community we'd been searching for."

The first thing that impressed both George and Nancy about the two-bedroom two-story cottage was the layout. "Even though the space was the same as Nancy's home — 1,000 square feet — the architectural design made it feel much roomier," recalls George. "The functional built-in storage area and shelves, and level of detail and finish were of a quality you usually find only in custom-built homes. We feel like we've moved up, even though we don't have a bigger home."

For Nancy, it was the view out the windows that sold her on the cottage. The front picture window overlooks the commons rose garden, with a rolling green lawn to the north. She can see her neighbors walking by on the community sidewalk, but doesn't look into any of their windows. And, not a car in sight since all cars are parked in garages on the perimeter of the property.

"There's a wonderful sense of both privacy and community here," says Nancy, who recalls a neighbor inviting them for a community get-together within the first few days of moving in. "If we're working in our garden or relaxing on the porch, a neighbor might wave, stop by to chat or invite us for a drink or an impromptu community get-together. But when we're in our home, it feels very private. The north windows in the living room are high enough so that they let in plenty of light but all we see are the neighbors' rooflines."

"Not only did we buy a great house, but we bought into a community where people really care," adds George. "We travel a lot, and it's nice to know there are eleven other homeowners to watch over our place when we're gone. And, it's always a pleasure to come back home."




Nancy & George