Greenwood Avenue Cottages - Shoreline, WA

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As with all of our pocket neighborhoods, the craftsman styling, colorful gardens, and placement around a shared lawn gives the Greenwood Avenue Cottages the appearance of having emerged from a bygone era when housing developments were designed as places where people with shared values gathered to become a real community. Each cottage, though similar, is unique. This fosters a personal connection, a bond of caring and identity. As with all of our communities, each household names their own cottage, and creates their own garden landscape and flowerbox garden. There are 24 exterior paint colors in the development.

The level of quality and attention to detail in these eight 2 or 3 bedroom, compact homes (all less than 1,000 square feet) is unparalleled outside of custom home development. Experts seem to agree: The Greenwood Avenue Cottages was awarded the 2002 AIA/Seattle Times Housing the Northwest Award, as well as the 2005 AIA National Housing Award. Read more about Greenwood Avenue Cottages in the fall 2004 issue of Cottage Living magazine. 

Greenwood Avenue Cottages was completed and SOLD OUT in 2001.  Sign Up Here to be notified of resale opportunities in this community.

Greenwood Avenue Cottages was designed by Ross Chapin AIA, Ross Chapin Architects.

The Wall Street Journal features The Cottage Company
The Wall Street Journal features The Cottage Company in a cover story titled 'Luxury homes that come in little packages'.

Best in American Living features The Cottage Company
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On Common Ground's Winter 2014 issue features The Cottage Company
On Common Ground, published by the National Association of Realtors & Smart Growth, features The Cottage Company in an article titled 'Mid-Range Density'. Owners from Ericksen Cottages & Conover Commons are interviewed.

Kitsap Business Journal features Ericksen Cottages & Chico Beach Cottages architect Charlie Wenzlau
Ericksen Cottages & Chico Beach Cottages architect Charlie Wenzlau is featured in a story profiling the broad scope of his great work on Bainbridge Island and in Kitsap County.

Better Homes & Gardens magazine features The Cottage Company!
BH&G featured one of our Seattle home renovations in it's April 2013 edition. The home was completely rebuilt as new renovation that includes many energy efficient features and rain gardens that infiltrate 100% of the storm water runoff from the property!

Linda Pruitt Keynote Speaker at Delaware Housing Summit
Join Linda Pruitt and other thought-leaders for 'Planning for Complete Communities in Delaware', a day long summit on November 13, 2012.

Chico Beach Cottages a Builders Choice Grand Award Winner!
Chico Beach Cottages was selected to receive a Grand Award for single family community at the 32nd annual Builders Choice Design & Planning Awards!

Chico Beach Cottages featured in Professional Builder magazine!
Professional Builder magazine features Chico Beach Cottages in a story entitled 'Young at heart: Designing homes for the new 50+ market'. Thanks to writer Susan Bady!

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development features Danielson Grove Case Study
Kirkland's innovative land use code that allowed our Danielson Grove 'pocket neighborhood' community to be built is profiled in a recent Department of Housing and Urban Development 'best practice' case study.

The Cottage Company is featured in 'On Common Ground's' Winter 2012 issue
The National Association of Realtors Winter 2012 publication 'On Common Ground', features coverage of our pocket neighborhood communities in an article titled 'Building Community on a small scale and at a slower pace'.

The Cottage Company featured in Yahoo Finance Fortune Magazine article
Yahoo Finance posted an article mentioning The Cottage Company! The article profiles four great places and the lifestyles that baby boomers desire in their active retirement. Seattle's great arts scene, urban lifestyle and health care is mentioned as a draw - along with The Cottage Company and our innovative communities! Terrific!

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USA Today profiled homeowners in our Greenwood Avenue Cottages pocket neighborhood community!

Alaska Airlines features The Cottage Company!
Alaska Airlines March 2011 in-flight magazine features The Cottage Company in an article by Jennifer Haupt titled 'Low Maintenance Living'. View the digital edition on Page 98.

Home Sweet Cozy Home
The Seattle Times featured our Greenwood Avenue Cottages in 'An Upside to Downsizing'. The cottages that have sprouted around the Seattle area are small, but don't feel that way and are part of a nationwide trend toward smaller homes.

Conover Commons wins two 2009 Gold Nugget Grand Awards at PCBC
Conover Commons was awarded two 2009 Grand Awards at the recent Pacific Coast Builders Conference Gold Nugget Awards held in San Francisco.

Conover Commons wins 2009 AIA National Housing Award
Conover Commons wins American Institute of Architects 2009 Housing Award! Conover Commons awarded in the One/Two Family Production Housing category, was one of only 17 national winners.

Lehrer News Hour
The Lehrer News Hour on PBS recently featured our Danielson Grove community as an example of 'low impact development' and more sustainable storm water quality management. View the video.

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Cottage Living Magazine features our Greenwood Avenue Cottages, Danielson Grove and Third Street Cottages communities.

The Wall Street Journal features The Cottage Company
The Wall Street Journal profiled our Greenwood Avenue Cottages and Danielson Grove communities in a July 2008 story called 'The Newest Cottage Industry'.

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The online publication, World Changing Seattle, published an October 2008 story featuring our Danielson Grove & Third Street Cottages communities.

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Pacific NW Magazine features our Danielson Grove community in an article by Valerie Easton.

Seattle Times: "Less is More"
Seattle Times: "Less is More" (3/24/02) by Mark Hinshaw puts the Greenwood project in a wider context.

Completed Communities:

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What homeowners say:

"We watch out for each other in little everyday ways, without anyone having to ask. I came home after being gone on business for ten days, and a neighbor had watered my fuchsias because they looked wilted. Another time, the smoke alarm went off in my bedroom and three neighbors came by to help me fix it: one brought a ladder, one brought a battery, and another climbed the ladder up to my cathedral ceiling because I'm afraid of heights!"