Frequently asked questions

What makes The Cottage Company® different?
The Cottage Company builds detached, single-family homes in established neighborhoods close to jobs, transit centers & community amenities. These connected, pedestrian-oriented communities facilitate an engaged and genuine lifestyle and a real choice for sustainable living without giving up an ounce of comfort or style. As pioneers with a proven track record in creating pocket neighborhoods with staying power, The Cottage Company has more than a dozen years of experience, having completed numerous communities in Washington State.

What homes are for sale?
Visit our For Sale page for the latest information on homes currently for sale. Please be sure to 'Get in the Loop' by signing up on our email list to be notified of both new construction or resale opportunities in completed communities.

Can I visit one of your cottage communities?
Please check our homes for sale for our new communities, addresses and directions. Completed, sold-out communities are not available to visit due to respect for homeowner privacy. Limited pre-arranged tours for professional organizations may be possible. Please see our guidelines for more information on visiting our communities.

What types of projects is The Cottage Company® interested in creating?
We are full of innovative ideas and dreams. Besides our cottage courtyards, backyard cottages and linked yard neighborhoods, we'd like to be a part of developing a larger planned community, including commercial businesses that are aligned with our values and meet our objectives for change, sustainability, energy efficiency and ethical living.

Is The Cottage Company interested in purchasing land?
Yes, we are very interested in working with legacy land owners who have special property they want to see developed in a sustainable manner. We take great pride in being stewards of the land that has been in families for generations. If you have something that might interest us, please let us know.

Where can I find out more about the Cottage Housing Development Code and other Innovative Housing Codes being pioneered here in the Pacific Northwest?
We've posted the codes for cities in the Pacific Northwest who have put forth the progressive single-family land use code provisions that have enabled our pioneering new communities. These innovative codes are inspiring other communities nationwide. We are also available to consult with jurisdictions and planners on the development of innovative housing codes, and will post new codes as they become available. We also appreciate hearing about jurisdictions around the United States that have passed similar codes.

Will The Cottage Company build a single custom home?                                                         Our development approach and philosophy is not just to build high efficiency, well-designed compact new homes, but to create entire communities. However, from time to time we may have availability to take on a few, special custom projects.  Check our Custom link for more information. 

I live in another part of the country. What can I do to create a cottage community?
If you're motivated we suggest that you use this web site as a reference and meet with staff at your local planning department. Ask them what it will take to get approval for an innovative single-family community.  If there is interest from the city, put together a group of three to four potential buyers. Interview several local developers or builders. Also ask around to locate an architect that specializes in smaller homes. The Cottage Company® is available to provide consulting and other services. 

Can The Cottage Company® provide planning and design services?
Though we are generally focused on our own development projects, depending on timeframes, we may be able to provide development consultation services and would consider joint venture possibilities.